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samsung tv: Samsung India to start selling TVs in mobile phone stores

Samsung India will start selling TVs in mobile phone stores and may eventually expand even to home appliances, with the pilot starting from its nearly 1,100 exclusive mobile phone outlets, a senior executive said.

The company also intends to double the number of stores that would sell its super premium range of QLED TVs priced above Rs 1 lakh to triple sales in the segment in 2022. Last year, it doubled its business, said Mohandeep Singh, senior vice president of Samsung India. president for consumer electronics business.

Singh said the company plans to expand the electronics sales strategy through mobile phone outlets to multi-brand mobile phone stores, including mobile phone retail chains and neighborhood outlets. .

“Mobile phone retailers want to enter adjacent outlets and the company would support them as consumers have started buying TVs and electronics at these outlets. We want to be where the consumer is buying,” Singh said.

Since these stores would have limited inventory space, Samsung can fulfill the final order of large-screen televisions or home appliances directly from its distributors.

Singh said the pilot will kick off soon with the company’s exclusive mobile stores, while Samsung is supporting select cellphone retailers that are already building e-stores.

“If these store partners see the opportunity, can we show them the Samsung opportunity. That’s the one we need to work on,” Singh said.

There are about 200,000 mobile phone retailers in the country, more than double the number of retailers selling televisions and home appliances. Already, Chinese rivals like Xiaomi, Realme and OnePlus are selling TVs through mobile phone stores, with the exception of Reliance Industries which undertakes catalog sales of electronics through stores that sell its Jio telecom connections.

Samsung is the largest consumer electronics maker in India and is the largest in terms of sales of TVs, smartphones and a few home appliance categories.

The company says it has around 32% of the TV market in the country, which it aims to expand to 36% by expanding distribution to include new stores through new launches.

Singh said the company intends to double the number of stores selling its super premium range of QLED TVs priced above Rs 1 lakh. “We doubled the QLED business last year and aim to triple it this year. We are growing 70-110% in screens 55” and larger, compared to the industry growth rate of 33-40% “, did he declare.