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Xiaomi is now the world’s largest phone company / Digital Information World

Chinese brands have long wanted the top spot in the world of smartphones, gadgets and the like, but many of them have tried and failed to get there. Huawei in particular strove to become a phone company that people would eventually take very seriously pretty much all over the world, but despite that being the […]

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Samsung cuts prices to boost foldable phone sales

Samsung hopes cheaper but more durable versions of its foldable phones will broaden the appeal of a high-profile design that has so far fizzled with consumers. The electronics giant kicked off its effort to change things up on Wednesday with two new products designed to work both as a phone and, when folded outward on […]

Phone sales

Xiaomi just beat Apple and Samsung phone sales worldwide

Chinese brand Xiaomi has just become the world’s leading smartphone brand, beating titans like Samsung and Apple. This is the first time the company has taken control of the world’s top spot based on monthly smartphone sales volumes (direct sales). This reading comes after Counterpoint showed Xiaomi as the number 2 brand globally for the […]