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Xiaomi is now the world’s largest phone company / Digital Information World

Chinese brands have long wanted the top spot in the world of smartphones, gadgets and the like, but many of them have tried and failed to get there. Huawei in particular strove to become a phone company that people would eventually take very seriously pretty much all over the world, but despite that being the case, the company ended up dealing with way too much obstacles that kept him from getting the success he really wanted.

While Huawei’s attempts failed to land it the top spot in the world of mobile phones, another Chinese company managed to clinch the top spot. That company is Xiaomi, and it’s now the biggest phone company in the world surpassing both Samsung and Apple, according to CounterPointResearch. Xiaomi holds 17.1% of the global smartphone market, far surpassing Samsung’s 15.7%. Apple, while being the most valuable brand in the world and inspiring quite a bit of consumer loyalty, comes third with a somewhat disappointing market share of 14.3%.

This rise to the top is particularly impressive considering that Xiaomi as a company is only around 10 years old. In the past 10 years, the company has managed to sell 800 million smartphones, which is an outstanding feat, everything has been considered and taken into account.

The company recorded a massive 26% month-over-month increase in sales in June, earning it the top spot. It’s worth noting that Huawei’s fall from favor actually did a lot to push Xiaomi up a lot faster due to the fact that it’s the kind of thing that could potentially end up giving Xiaomi access to markets that Huawei previously had extremely competitive in.

Now, while Xiaomi’s rise to prominence is certainly something to note, it’s by no means permanent. The company may have seen a surprise increase in sales, but its ability to maintain its strong performance is another matter altogether. This might just be another example of a company that momentarily managed to shine brightly but was inevitably overtaken once again by more established entities.

Alternatively, Xiaomi might eventually end up having the chance to maintain its grip on the smartphone market and become a real major player, one that can retain the top spot and potentially even change the status quo for a very long time into the future.

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