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BADATZ Eida Charedis: “Kosher Cell Phone Shops Are Unsupervised”

Ultra-Orthodox Jews fight with Israeli police forces during a protest against a cell phone shop in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem on January 12, 2022. Photo by Yonathan Sindel/Flash90 *** Local Caption * ** נגד השימוש בטלפון סלולרי ונגד חנויות סלולר בשכונת גאולה

JERUSALEM (VINnews) hours after the arrest of a senior Comunications Vaad leader for extortion and harassment of mobile phone shopsBADATZ issued a letter stating that kosher cell phone stores are currently unmonitored.

Following the detention of Cell Shops Supervisor, BADATZ Eidah Charedis issued a special warning to the public.

Under the heading “Warning to Parents and Educators”, the Rabbanim wrote that “After authorities arrested the cell phone shop supervisor and extended his detention for another week, there is currently no monitoring of cell phone shops in Yerushalayim.”

They added that it is the responsibility of parents and educators to supervise children on this subject.

The judge who extended the detention said during the hearing: “On numerous occasions, the defendant extorted and threatened owners of mobile phone shops while asking them to pay him money to be kosher. Shopkeepers who failed to pay were allegedly assaulted.

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