What is real estate appraisal and what is it for?

If it is not known what the real estate appraisal is and what it is for. It is important to know that to carry out some real estate negotiations you have to take into account some concepts.

There are several types of appraisals in the market that help real estate and others to be registered with a value. This commercial value is the basis for a negotiation in the real estate and automotive market. Everything depends on how the behavior of each of the products is and the analysis obtained from them.

Real estate appraisal concept

It is an impartial technical opinion constituted by an exhaustive investigation of the market, to give a commercial value to a property. It can be obtained for a house, apartment, warehouse or office, based on some concepts. The location, land use, market among others must be taken into account in this analysis.

These characteristics result in a real estate appraisal that serves as the basis for the annual good tax . The most important thing about this appraisal process is that the value of the property will increase in the future. And it can be a representative increase, as it may not, this depends on the location sector.

The basis for a negotiation of purchase

The basis for a negotiation of purchase

Additionally, it can be mentioned that it is also the basis for a negotiation of purchase, sale, lease, mortgage and others. This issue of commercial appraisal of a property is left to specialists in the real estate sector.

Within this same analysis, urban regulation, conditions of the construction site, behavior of public services are also applied. And all the adherents to the property that can be granted.

The points to consider in the real estate appraisal are:

  • Replacement cost
  • Market comparison
  • Rental method

Benefits of an appraisal

Benefits of an appraisal


It is granted as a personal document, therefore, it is in the name of the owner

A detailed, accurate and informational estimate of all real estate is made

Realization through impartial technical process, to result in commercial value

Defined and clear approach that is added value at the time of negotiation

It is carried out by professionals specialized in the subject.

Finally and taking into account the previous point. It can be ensured that a real estate appraisal when investigated by professionals gives us certainty to the commercial value. This leads to satisfied customers who make real estate deals with better accuracy. And demands that they know, that what they are buying does not bring any surprise.

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